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Hidden Gems


GeoTour Code GT498


This GeoCache tour brings treasure hunters to some of League City's most scenic spots—hidden gems within the Houston Metro region. Explore our waterfront community while you hunt for caches. If you're lucky, you may even collect some "southern charms."

GeoTours combine travel and geocaching, providing a new way to explore your favorite vacation destinations. 

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Get Started


Download the free official Geocaching® app from the app store or

Create an account,

search for GeoTour code GT498

and begin your hunt! 

Make sure to log all your finds, and share your geocaching photos on social media with the hashtag #LCGeo.

Geocaching League City

“I stumbled upon the League City GeoTour while roaming around the GC site online the other day, finally had an opportunity to drive down here and give it a go today: so glad I came! I can't believe I've driven through its main thoroughfares so many times in the past and hadn't noticed the city had so many 'niche' attractions within it, nice!"

"Thanks for showing me your place, LeagueCityGeo!”

“Came by today to check out the new Geotour! Nicely done here! We moved here in June and we love League City! Thanks for this series and thanks for the smiley!”

"Great job of showing off the area!"

“It’s a beautiful day so we wanted to come out to the water and enjoy the view. Thanks for giving us a reason to come out here!”

What People Are Saying About

League City Hidden Gems GeoTour


What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices, like cellphones. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.


Download the geocaching app to find the caches in this series as well as others all over the world! Log your caches and see photos of other explorers’ adventures in League City, Texas.  


During your treasure hunt, spend some time learning more about each location, keep your eye out for local wildlife, and explore a variety of coastal and wetlands habitats.  When it's time for a break, visit some of League City's fantastic boutiques, check out the food scene, or stroll along one of our many nature trails.

Watch this short Geocaching tutorial

How To Geo Instructions

How to Geocache:

A beginner's guide

  • Download the Geocaching app on your smartphone and create a free account.

  • When you open the app, it will show a map of your area.

  • Click the search icon at the top and select "GeoTour."

  • Search the League City GeoTour code: GT498.

  • This will provide you with the League City Hidden Gems Tour caches.

  • Click the cache you want to find, then click on “navigate”.
    It will guide you to close proximity of the cache.

  • You can start with #1 and follow along through #10, or do them in any order you like.

  • The cache descriptions will give you hints and clues on how to find them.

  • Once you get close you may need to hunt for the cache. They are all different shapes and sizes, and often not in plain view. If you are having trouble finding it, click on “hint” for some help.


After you find a cache...

  • Sign the log inside.

  • If there is a “gem” inside, take one! If you have a small trinket to leave for the next person, you can do that too.

  • Log your experience in the app, tell us what you thought, and snap a picture to share.

  • Share you pics on social media with #LCGeo #Geotour.

Geocaching Etiquette

We like to keep things fun for everyone, so we have a few rules we encourage everyone to follow.

  • Sign the logbook and log your find online to get your "smiley." Geocache owners love reading about your experience.

  • Be proud of Did Not Find (DNF) logs. They alert others that the cache may be more difficult to find than anticipated or may even be missing. DNF logs also inform the cache owner they may need to check on their container.

  • If you take a trinket from the geocache, leave something of equal or greater value, making sure it's family friendly. Don't place food or scented items as these attract animals.

  • Be mindful of non-geocaching onlookers (muggles). Curious people have been known to take or damage geocaches.

  • Make sure you don't accidentally venture on to someone's private property. Caches won't require you to trespass.

  • Leave the geocache area better than how you found it. Try not to disrupt local wildlife and pack any trash you see.

  • If you find a problematic cache, please contact the owner directly or email us.

Geocacher's Creed

When placing or seeking geocaches, I will:

  • Not endanger myself or others.

  • Observe all laws & rules of the area.

  • Respect property rights and seek permission where appropriate.

  • Avoid causing disruptions or public alarm.

  • Minimize my and others’ impact on the environment.

  • Be considerate of others.

  • Protect the integrity of the game.

League City Geocache Rules

Geocaching is available at designated parks with prior approval of the Parks Recreation Superintendent. General Geocaching rules and guidelines include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • All City of League City Park rules and regulations apply.

  • No off-trail hiking. Cache sites will be placed no more than 10 feet from designated trails, in public day use areas, or in areas designated by the City for geocaching.

  • No digging. Caches will be at or around ground level.

  • No littering, ‘cache in - trash out’ will be enforced.

  • Food, alcohol, drugs, firearms, or any other dangerous or inappropriate items are prohibited.

  • All items that are left in the cache box must be brought into the park. No flowers, rocks, minerals, or any historical or archeological artifacts from any City Park are permitted into the cache box.

  • If at any time the cache site violates City of League City Park Rules and Regulations, or the Geocaching Policy, the cache box may be removed by Park Operations Staff and it may not be returned to the owner.

Claim Your Prize!

Congratulations! You did it! When you complete the GeoTour, the app will reward you automatically with a digital souvenir.

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