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Top 10 Places for Margaritas

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Whether you prefer frozen or on the rocks, a house special or a top-shelf concoction, margaritas are a cool and delicious way to beat the summer heat.

I’m all for craft margaritas conjured up by some of today’s best mixologists. But to me, the true test of margarita magic, is the perfect balance of the sweet, sour, and salt of a traditional lime margarita.

Below are 10 League City eateries to check out in one’s search for the perfect margarita.

  1. Esteban’s – For more than 30 years, this local favorite has been serving up top-notch margaritas like the Hornitos Special and the Sauza Top Shelf. With excellent food options, no matter which margarita you choose, you’re bound to excite your taste buds.

  2. Luna’s – When you talk about a margarita quest in League City, one must consider this a bucket list stop. My personal favorite is the small (12 oz.) frozen margarita. It’s flavor and kick perfectly complement the spice of the restaurant’s Tex-Mex menu.

  3. Abuelo’s – The first hint that margarita bliss may be just around the corner hits you as you enter the front door and see a long, art-niche wall holding an impressive collection of tequilas. With the likes of Maestro Dobel Diamante, 1800, Herradura’s, and more, who wouldn’t want to sip their way through an impressive list of tequilas combined with fresh squeezed lime juice and salt.

  4. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop – With frozen concoctions like Fuzzy Mango and Sangria Swirls, along with more traditional margarita flavors, this spot offers a taste for everyone. Fuzzy’s has a fun bar and outdoor patio that’s great for an after work happy hour with friends and colleagues, and by the way, they have tacos if you get a little hungry while beating the summer heat.

  5. La Brisa – This is a happy hour stop you don’t want to miss on your way home from one of those days at the office. From the Cadillac to the Classic, a few sips of these concoctions, and you’ll leave the office chaos behind. Happy hour is daily until 7 p.m. and all day on Thursdays.

  6. Red River Cantina – One of the newest additions to League City’s Tex-Mex restaurant scene brought to you by Red River restaurant group, this place has a good selection of margaritas and a large, spacious bar.

  7. Jimmy Changas – Looking for a place that has a tasty margarita menu while at the same time providing a fun playground for the kids? Then make this local chain one of your go to spots without having to track down a babysitter. With classic margaritas and a fresh take on Tex-Mex, what’s not to like about an evening out WITH the kids.

  8. Mr. Sombrero – With locations on the east and west sides of League City, this Tex-Mex café with its full bar service focuses on the margarita basics. Plus, their yummy chips and white queso dip are the perfect snack to nibble on while your savor your margarita.

  9. Lighthouse Bar & Bistro – For those looking for great view to go along with their margarita, check out South Shore Harbour’s bar overlooking the Oasis pool. With live music on Friday nights, it’s the perfect evening get-away without actually getting away.

  10. Marinas – This west League City establishment has 16 margaritas and 11 different flavors on its menu, which means you could spend a lot of time doing research in order to find your favorite margarita.

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