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Sweet and Delectable - The Magic of Cupcakes

Updated: May 1, 2020

These five bakeries will make your cupcake dreams come true.

We set out to investigate which five bakeries in League City have the best cupcakes. (I know, tough gig, right?) So, from keto cupcakes to cookie dough cupcakes, we picked these five bakeries as the top spots to #treatyourself to something sweet in League City.

Top 5 places for the perfect cupcakes in League City.

1. The Cupcake Catchet

This bakery lands our top spot because of their wide range of cupcake options. Pumpkin spice, wedding cake and s’mores are among the shops most popular cupcakes. They also offer cupcakes suitable for nearly any diet restriction—keto, gluten free, vegan. You name it and they have it.Cupcake Cachetmakes it possible for anyone to indulge in a sweet treat this holiday season, without undoing your diet.

has an impressive cupcake menu to choose from. Their best seller is the Pink Champagne cupcake, and the sparkly baby pink frosting makes it as prettyas it is delicious. In addition to the tasty treats, this shop provides friendly customer service that will keep you coming back each time.

3. Craved Creations

This bakery makes our list because of its adorable atmosphereand inventive approachto cupcakes. Upon entering, you are welcomed by the fragrant smell of cupcakes paired with a girly and whimscical décor. When it comes to their cupcakes,Craved Creationstakes it to the next level, adding a huge scoop of cookie dough on top of some of their best selling cupcakes. In addition, this charming shop has a patio perfect for a day date or for simply reading a good book with your favorite cupcake.

Rustika is well known for their delicious desserts, so it would be a crime for us not to include them on our list. This bakery has an assortment of cupcakes to choose from, and offers custom orders as well. Hosting a watch party any time soon? Rustika specializes in Houston sports-themed cupcakes. Their small-town feel and warm customer service make this shop the perfect place to stop by and visit.

5. Marina's Bakery

Located next to the popular Marinas Mexican Restaurant & Bar, this bakery has its very own fan club. All of their cupcakes are custom ordered over the phone, so while you can’t walk in and buy, you can pre-order nearly any flavor, or dietary cupcake that you desire for an event. In addition to the cupcake menu,Marinas Bakeryhas one of the most impressive keto selections around. Everything from loaves of bread and pretzels to scones and bagels, this bakery has all the low carb treats you could ever want.

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