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It's shop o'clock somewhere!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Texas Artisan is currently expanding with some big changes in store.

One step into Texas Artisan and it was obvious that this was not the average gift shop. I was met with a wonderful aroma – a blend of warm and welcoming home scents swirled with a sophisticated, spa-like essence. I took a moment to breathe it in and gazed around at the striking displays. I could tell, immediately, that I would be there for quite a while.

Everywhere I looked were products and pieces I could not wait to browse – unique home décor, sparkling jewelry, fashionable clothing, hand-crafted body care items and so much more. Before I’d entered the shop, a gorgeous lamp in the window had caught my eye and beckoned me to take a closer look. As I admired the lamp, I noticed the other beautiful pieces displayed along with it that were unlike anything I’d seen elsewhere – a statuary of large, handsome lamps made of solid onyx, a tall, stunning vase crafted from recycled Spanish glass, and an impressive array of stand-out home and fashion accessories. I was already swooning.

The store’s co-owners, Wendy Collard and Terrie Ward, smiled and greeted me with a kind welcome as I walked a bit further past the boutique’s entry. “You’ll have to walk slowly so you don’t miss anything!” said Terrie, acknowledging the densely packed space. Everything in the store was excellently showcased and merchandised, leaving no nook or cranny bare.

Like a bug to the light, I gravitated over to the shimmering jewelry case, displaying an assortment of fine jewelry pieces that Wendy graciously allowed me to try on and view up-close. Each piece was magnificent. I had not expected to see such an elegant selection of treasures right here in this neighborhood shop! I was pleased to learn that Texas Artisan also offers jewelry repair, cleaning and appraisal services.

Not knowing what to explore next, Terrie offered me the tour. She guided me throughout the store and told me bits and pieces about the various collections they carried, pointing out her personal favorites and sharing the stories behind particular products. She showed me the source of the delicious aroma that filled the place – the combination of fragrant, artisan candles and handmade bath bombs.

All along, I made mental notes of the fabulous gift items that would be perfect for my sister’s birthday, my cousin’s graduation, Christmas gifts for my son’s teachers, and so on. I oohed and aahed over one-of-a-kind home accent pieces. I spotted an amazing, designer-esque bracelet that I knew, instantly, would be coming home with me. Adding to my purchase selections, I chose a whimsical teakettle for my mother-in-law, along with a large, mango wood serving tray that was calling my name. If I could, I would have probably bought the whole store!

For the lover of beautiful things, eclectic aesthetics and exclusive products, Texas Artisan is an impressive, must-visit, local staple. I certainly cannot wait to go back.

By Logan Timmins Vordenbaum

Logan recently graduated from the University of Houston Clear Lake with her Bachelor of Communications Degree.

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