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6 Ways to Spend Your Labor Day Weekend in LCTX

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The last long weekend of summer is upon us. Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to make your final summer memories before the business of school, work, and life take over once more. Before we fall into the new season, spend your Labor Day in and around charming League City.

Go Golfing

Regardless of golf experience, grab your clubs and golfing gear and hit the courses for a relaxing session of fairway therapy. Tee off at Beacon Lakes, a glorious 18-hole lighted course suitable for all ages and skill level for an unparalleled golfing experience. For a unique experience, venture into the multi-level driving range of Topgolf and reserve a bay to practice your aim while utilizing Topgolf’s micro-chipped golf balls that track every shot. Or try your hand at virtual golf in the cool facilities of Tee Box, home to 8 TruGolf simulators with over 100 of the best golf courses from around the world for all players to enjoy.

Relax on Clear Lake

Make a splash in the waters of Clear Lake, where every water-lover’s dream comes true. Enjoy the wind, waves, and sunshine out on the lake, and choose your own pace from countless recreational activities including swimming, fishing, kayaking, boating, jet skiing, cruising, and so much more. Set sail with the Bay Area Houston Water Recreation Guide for a memorable Labor Day weekend.

Visit a Museum

Immerse yourself in nearby local history and museums. Celebrate Labor Day at the Lone Star Flight Museum, with amazing aircrafts, out of this world exhibits, fun activities, and thrilling flight simulators on September 4, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Plus enjoy free hot dogs while supplies last! If you want to go on an adventure, blast off to space at Space Center Houston during Labor Day weekend and explore permanent exhibits about human space exploration, NASA tram tours, huge rocket exhibits, and more.

Go on a Shopping Spree

Now is the chance to take advantage of all the Labor Day and end of the summer sales happening in the boutiques. League City’s shopping scene is vast and diverse, and you can find something unique at every shop you visit. Discover eclectic finds in stores like Glass Mermaids and Annette’s Emporium or refresh your wardrobe with fashionable styles from the Salted Hippie Boutique and Brave Boutique.

Check out League City’s complete shopping guide online for the latest boutiques.

Dine at Local Favorites

You never have to wonder what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner again. Sample the best of the Bay through the latest dining guide, full of delicious options that are sure to satisfy your tastebuds. Come in and sit down at community-favorite Red Oak Café for stacks of giant pancakes and hearty breakfast and brunch options. It’s not an official visit to Texas without the famous barbeque, so don’t miss the chance to sink your teeth into tender ribs and smoked-to-perfection brisket from Red River BBQ. For a fancy night out with gorgeous waterfront views, dine at elegant Opus Bistro, where gourmet dishes are served up with Southern hospitality and Texas flair.

Make sure to add League City’s dining guide to your essential local eat list.

Catch a Fireworks Show

Kemah Boardwalk is celebrating Labor Day with fantastic fireworks show over the boardwalk on Sunday, September 3. Spend the evening by enjoying amusement rides, live entertainment, grabbing dinner at one of your favorite boardwalk restaurants, and concluding the night with a spectacular nighttime show. The fireworks starts at 9 p.m.


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