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West Bay Common School Children's Museum

Bringing local school history to life in an interactive exhibit

Step into the one room schoolhouse and transport to the late 1800s, when the very first League City school was built on land donated by League City founder JC League. A visit to the West Bay Common School Children's Museum provides a hands-on history lesson where children and adults alike can experience what school was like for children during the era when the schoolhouse was fully functional. 

The exhibits include old benches and a chalkboard where students were once taught their daily lessons. A certified teacher dressed in costume as a schoolmarm can lead a class of children through a typical school day in the 1890s. Hundreds of thousands of visitors have held field trips, group outings, special meetings, and parties at the West Bay Common School Children’s Museum. All visitors are welcome to tour and explore the charm and history of this one room schoolhouse.

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Address: 210 N Kansas Ave, League City

Phone: 281-554-2994

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