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Attracting Birds to Your Backyard

League City is one of the best places in Texas to enjoy bird watching. And you don’t have to go far—just start with your own backyard. If you want to attract different types of birds to your backyard, try putting out a variety of different food at different levels.

Bird Food Options

  • Sunflower Seeds (black oil sunflower seeds are thin shelled and easier for smaller birds to eat)

  • Unsalted peanuts (attract blue jays and woodpeckers)

  • Fresh fruit (attracts migrant birds and woodpeckers)

  • Suet (attracts small birds and songbirds )

Different birds like to eat at different levels. Ground feeders will attract doves, blue jays, and cardinals. Hanging feeders attract smaller birds because they can come in quickly and grab a seed. Suet feeders are great for smaller birds as well.  Watch the video below for more backyard bird tips from Kristine Rivers with Birding for Fun.

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