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6 Ways to Spend Your Galentine’s Day

Updated: Feb 20

Grab your girlfriends and plan a girl’s day out for Galentine’s Day. League City is home to plenty of fun activities and memory makers to experience with your friends.

Hit the Pedal to the Metal

Cruise the waters of Clear Lake onboard the Houston Pedal Barge–a special pedal party pontoon boat tour that’s perfect for a girl’s only trip. Bring your own drinks onboard a 35-foot pontoon boat that features large bluetooth speakers, restrooms on board, a spacious sundeck, a pedal-assisted paddlewheel, and an on-board motor for when you don’t want to paddle.

Share the Heart (Cinnamon Roll)

Dig into all the ooey-gooey, sweetest cinnamon rolls you can eat at Bonnie’s Donut. These cinnamon rolls are the perfect treat to share with friends. Be sure to order 24 hours in advance so you can enjoy these giant desserts with everyone.

Paint it Pink, Paint it Blue

Host a Valentine’s-themed ceramic painting session at the Ceramic and Pottery Center. Choose from ready-to-paint pieces like mugs, wine glasses, figurines, plates, tiles, and flowerpots; let your artistic style flow, and create cute essential items to take home and display.

Activate Relaxation Mode

Unwind after a long day with a deep tissue massage at the Spa and Wellness Center at South Shore Harbour. The spa offers custom spa packages, cleansing facials, body wraps, and even acupuncture treatments that will refresh and invigorate you.

Cheers to Tea Parties

Relive childhood memories as you sip from dainty teacups and throw yourself a cute tea party at the Holly Berry Tea Room. Tucked away in the historic homes of Founder’s Square, stop by for tea, sandwiches, snacks, and desserts while donning adorable hats and dress-up clothes that are available to everyone.

Axe Masters

Conquer the arena with your girlfriends at Axe Masters, where aim is the name of the game in this indoor axe-throwing facility modeled after an 800 AD Viking Great Hall. Take your pick from several types of axes and throwing stars, and don’t forget to snap a photo of your group posing fiercely in Viking gear.

Honorable Mentions (AKA more exciting fun!)

This is your time to shine and create uniquely scented candles that scream YOU. From picking gorgeous vessels, finding the perfect fragrances, and adorning your candles with crystals, glitter, florals, and more, this is the perfect activity to sit back, create, and enjoy time with your closest girlfriends.

Feel the fluid movements of Fluid Art and take an artistic journey while letting paint flow on the canvas. Hawaii Fluid Art specializes in visual arts, finding the natural beauty in fluid dynamics that come with tilting your canvas after pouring your colors onto it. The results are always unique and unexpected, and that's where the magic lies. 

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How about finding inspiration for creativity both at home and outdoors? Choose your style from various types of axes and throwing stars, don't forget to capture a photo of your group posing fiercely in Viking gear. After that, you can explore the main styles of hand lettering Depositphotos and how to start practicing them. It's an excellent way to blend creativity and engaging activities both indoors and in the fresh air. Good luck with your creative endeavors!

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